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  1. Video_Gemapi.jpg

    A new type of river management is coming !

    (EN) - RMC Water Agency 2016

    This film, aimed at stakeholders involved in rivers management, presents and illustrates three key ideas, focusing on river restoration, to...

    Theme : Tools

  2. InvasiveSpecies.png

    Invasive alien species in aquatic environments

    (EN) - Onema 2016

    This two-volume publication gives detailed information about the management of invasive alien species (IAS) : legislation, regulation,...

    Theme : Invasive species

  3. Eco_cont_wetlands.jpg

    Ecological continuity in littoral wetlands, a local, national and European issue

    (EN) - Onema 2016

    Bringing together managers, scientists and decision makers, this event aimed at producing a joint project for the improvement of ecological...

    Theme : Partnership

  4. Life_HauteDronne.jpg

    Life Haute-Dronne

    (FR) - PNR Périgord-Limousin

    Led by the PNR Périgord-Limousin, this program is based on two main working areas: restoration of habitats on the Haute-Dronne, and...

    Theme : Examples

  5. Life_CEco.jpg

    Life Ecological continuity

    (EN) - PNR Morvan & Ballon des Vosges

    This project, carried out in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region, aimed at restoring the functionality of rivers and their connectivities in order...

    Theme : Examples

  6. Head_waters_streams.jpg

    Head water streams, a critical issue for water resources

    (EN) - Onema 2015

    Synthesis of a symposium, aimed at a professional audience, which highlighted the importance of head water streams and showed some good...

    Theme : Awareness > Documents

  7. Damremoval.jpg

    Dam Removal Europe


    This European initiative aims at connecting specialists, sharing knowledge, communicating and bringing experiences together in order to restore...

    Theme : Examples

  8. life_film2.png

    Film: Between wild river and tamed river

    (EN) - Natural Regional Parks of Morvan and of Ballon des Vosges 2017

    Through interviews with users and experts, this 31min movie presents the actions carried out in the context of the Life “Ecological Continuity” programme, and raises awareness about river issues. More films from the programme<...

    Theme : Tools

  9. ERN_dam_removal2.png

    Dam removal in France

    (EN) - ERN 2016

    France has been working on dam removal for years. European Rivers Network presents, as an NGO engaged in the preservation of rivers, its views on the main actions implemented by the country for almost 30 years, and proposes some case studies, including the Brives-Charensac dam...

    Theme : Tools

  10. Rest_pratiques.png

    River restoration in France: Changes in definitions and techniques over space and time. Outlook for the future

    (EN) - AFB 2017

    This document presents the history of the concept of river restoration, the French and international definitions, but also the diversity of practices and some reflexions about possible strategies for river restoration. A...

    Theme : Awareness > Documents