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  1. year_of_salmon2.png

    International year of the salmon – 2019

    (EN) - AFB 2019

    France is taking part in the International year of the salmon! For this occasion, the French agency for biodiversity has gathered on line...

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  2. Ecol_eng_Astee_film.png

    [Video] Ecological engineering applied to aquatic environments: projects with multiple benefits

    (EN) - Astee 2019

    This video presents the benefits ecological engineering can have on flood protection, rainwater management, water quality in peri-urban areas...

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  3. Salmon-history.png

    Understanding the salmon life history

    (EN) - OFB 2021

    A video presenting the life cycle of the Atlantic salmon and the importance of knowledge to help its preservation.

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  4. Factsheet_WWF.png

    Factsheets: how hydropower is destroying Europe’s rivers

    (EN) - ERN & WWF 2021

    Four factsheets to raise awareness on threats and impacts from hydropower to some French rivers.

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  5. video_astee.JPG

    Video : Let’s discover and preserve riparian vegetation

    (EN) - ASTEE 2021

    A video on the preservation of riparian vegetation.

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  6. Capture8VIDEO8OFB.JPG

    Territories better prepared for floods: it's possible

    (EN) - OFB 2022

    This 3-minute animated film for elected officials and citizens presents possible nature-based actions to reduce the risk of flooding.

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