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  1. annonce colloque DRE selune.png

    Selune valley revival - International conference on river continuity restoration, in Rennes and Avranches (France), 24, 25 and 26th September 2019

    (EN) - OIEau 2019

    More than 200 participants from 20 countries exchanged and debated on the river Selune dam removal project, but also on many illustrative...

    Theme : Event national center

  2. Meeting70_Selune.png

    Dam removal: The Sélune River free to run - 24 to 26 september 2019

    (EN) - OFB 2020

    Summary of the international symposium on the rebirth of the Sélune river, organized by European River network in conjunction with the French...

    Theme : Event national center

  3. MNRE_2020.png

    NWRM - Measures offering multiple benefits to meet water-related challenges

    (EN) - OFB 2020

    Summary of the technical seminar held on 13 February 2020, which highlighted the opportunities to implement NWRMs in the agricultural, urban and...

    Theme : Event national center

  4. Sélune_rencontres.png

    When rivers are free to run. Notes on weirs and dams removal, on the Sélune river and elsewhere

    (FR) - OFB 2021

    Detailed and illustrated summary of the international symposium on the Sélune river, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge on dam...

    Theme : Event national center