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  1. ROE.jpg


    (FR) - Eaufrance

    A database listing the flow barriers present on French territory, combined with national homogeneous information (national code, localisation…). This fact...

    Theme : Data and maps

  2. Géo.jpg


    (FR) - IGN / BRGM

    This website offers maps, aerial photographs and data concerning environment, spatial planning or public services in France.

    Theme : Data and maps

  3. Fish01.jpg

    Migratory fish control stations: Breuil en Auge


    Migratory fish control stations provides informations on the status of fish populations:

    Theme : Data and maps

  4. Hydro01.jpg


    (FR) - Eaufrance

    A national database for water levels and flows. HYDRO stores the water level measures from about 5 000 measuring stations. It calculates for...

    Theme : Data and maps

  5. ZH01.jpg

    Wetlands maps and inventories

    (FR) - Eaufrance

    This website, dedicated to wetlands, provides information about the functions and values of wetlands, their regulation... and inventories and...

    Theme : Data and maps

  6. Surv_OFB.png

    Water quality monitoring

    (FR) - OFB

    This webpage introduces the water quality monitoring programs developed in France, as a requirement of the WFD

    Theme : Data and maps

  7. Quality_application.jpg

    "Water quality" application

    (FR) - Onema & Agences de l'Eau 2016

    This new smartphone or tablet application allows to obtain information on the river status: "very good", "good" or "poor"; information of a...

    Theme : Data and maps

  8. status_water.png

    The status of surface water and groundwater

    (EN) - Onema 2015

    After giving some contextual elements about the water-status assessment system in France, some data and maps are proposed about the chemical and...

    Theme : Data and maps

  9. Naïades.png


    (FR) - AFB

    The national interface, Naïades, provides access to data from national monitoring of rivers and lakes. This data is targeted on biological,...

    Theme : Data and maps

  10. Ponapomi.png

    Portal for National Migratory Fish Data (Ponapomi)

    (FR) - AFB 2018

    This participatory portal offers a centralized access to data on migratory fish in metropolitan France, as well as links to resources and to...

    Theme : Data and maps