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  1. Hydromorph_primer.jpg

    River hydromorphology - a primer

    (EN) - Onema 2010

    The authors introduce us to river hydromorphology and explain the geomorphological characteristics of rivers that create the habitat types on...

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  2. Water_status_WFD.jpg

    Water status and the Water Framework Directive: review of assessment methods

    (EN) - Onema 2011

    This document is a report of two scientific information days followed by two days of discussions focusing on bioindication, organised in France...

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  3. Diag_restor_biodiv.jpg

    Diagnosing and restoring aquatic biodiversity

    (EN) - Onema 2013

    This document recapitulates the knowledge, methods and results presented during the meeting titled “The outlook for managing aquatic...

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  4. SYRAH_OFB.png

    SYRAH-CE project

    (FR) - OFB

    This page introduces the SYRAH-CE project, whose aim is to evaluate risks for water course physical alterations throught a geographical...

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  5. ICE_fish.jpg

    The ICE protocol for ecological continuity : Assessing the passage of obstacles by fish

    (EN) - Onema 2015

    This document presents the issues involved in ecological continuity for fish species, the scientific principles underlying the development of...

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  6. Fish_climate.png

    Freshwater fish and climate change: current situation and adaptation strategies

    (EN) - Onema 2014

    This document gives an overview of the current knowledge about observed and predicted changes of climate and hydrology, and about the impact of...

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  7. Ecailles_truite.png

    Guide to the interpretation of the scales and the estimation of the age of brown trout (Salmo trutta) from the French populations

    (EN) - OFB 2020

    A user manual for interpreting the scales and estimating the age of brown trout (Salmo trutta).

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  8. ICE_EN.png

    The ICE method for ecological continuity - Assessing the passage of obstacles by fish and macro-crustaceans in the French tropical islands of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans - Concepts and design

    (EN) - OFB 2021

    An adaptation of the Information on the Continuity of Ecosystem (ICE) method to the tropical islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte and...

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