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  1. SAGE.png

    SAGE, a tool for local water management

    (EN) - IOWater 2020

    This infographic provides an illustrated overview of the SAGE (or sub-basin management plans), and their situation in January 2020 in France.

    Theme : Organizing the implementation

  2. Meeting70_Selune.png

    Dam removal: The Sélune River free to run - 24 to 26 september 2019

    (EN) - OFB 2020

    Summary of the international symposium on the rebirth of the Sélune river, organized by European River network in conjunction with the French...

    Theme : Event national center

  3. PROTEGER.png

    Promotion and development of ecological engineering in Guadeloupe watercourses

    (EN) - PNR Guadeloupe 2020

    Website of the PROTEGER project, with the results of the project, resources and information related to ecological engineering in Guadeloupe ...

    Theme : Lateral continuity

  4. NWRM_site.png

    French NWRM case studies from agriculture and forestry sectors

    (EN) - OIEau & OFB 2020

    10 cases studies of Natural Water Retention Measures implementation in France, with a detailed description of the NWRM, lessons learnt, impacts,...

    Theme : Improvement of agricultural and forestry practices

  5. Ecailles_truite.png

    Guide to the interpretation of the scales and the estimation of the age of brown trout (Salmo trutta) from the French populations

    (EN) - OFB 2020

    A user manual for interpreting the scales and estimating the age of brown trout (Salmo trutta).

    Theme : Diagnosing > Documents

  6. MNRE_2020.png

    NWRM - Measures offering multiple benefits to meet water-related challenges

    (EN) - OFB 2020

    Summary of the technical seminar held on 13 February 2020, which highlighted the opportunities to implement NWRMs in the agricultural, urban and...

    Theme : Event national center