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  1. life_film2.png

    Film: Between wild river and tamed river

    (EN) - Natural Regional Parks of Morvan and of Ballon des Vosges 2017

    Through interviews with users and experts, this 31min movie presents the actions carried out in the context of the Life “Ecological Continuity” programme, and raises awareness about river issues. More films from the programme<...

    Theme : Tools

  2. Rest_pratiques.png

    River restoration in France: Changes in definitions and techniques over space and time. Outlook for the future

    (EN) - AFB 2017

    This document presents the history of the concept of river restoration, the French and international definitions, but also the diversity of practices and some reflexions about possible strategies for river restoration. A...

    Theme : Awareness > Documents

  3. Rivers_health.png

    Rivers in good health

    (EN) - AFB 2017

    Designed for a broad public, this 5 min animated movie explains how rivers are shaped and why it is crucial to preserve and restore their health...

    Theme : Tools

  4. Merantaise3.png

    The Mérantaise river restoration project

    (EN) - AFB 2017

    This fact sheet presents the Mérantaise river project, which implemented different types of operations to meet the dual objective of flood...

    Theme : Examples

  5. Buffer_IRSTEA.png

    Guide on setting up buffer zones to limit the transfer of farm contaminants

    (EN) - AFB & Irstea 2017

    This guide presents information and data to assist in decision-making concerning buffer zones intended to preserve surface and groundwater from...

    Theme : Improvement of agricultural and forestry practices

  6. Genibiodiv.png

    Ecological enineering techniques for riverbanks

    (EN) - IRSTEA 2017

    This website presents the different types of riverbank development, including soil bioengineering techniques, as well as their effect on...

    Theme : Lateral continuity